A brand should never be static.

Video Production

Duggal Studios produces narrative, documentary and commercial projects with versatility and virtuosity. Our in-house videographers and network of established filmmakers are available on location, or in any of our production studios. No matter the scale, we have the skills, passion and resources to bring your cinematic vision to life.

Social Media

Motion doesn’t always have to entail a large-scale production, especially in an age where video is becoming the preferred medium for consumers. We can empower your social media presence with high-quality video and animated micro-content optimized for each and every platform.


For more than 100 years, artists have been using animation to enhance the storytelling experience and broaden imaginations. From 2D characters to CGI products, Duggal Studios sets the mundane in motion, creating dynamic worlds where ideas come to life and stories reach their fullest potential.

Motion Design

The fundamentals of design take on increased weight and capacity when brought from a static space into the world of motion. Duggal Studios’ motion design team takes the tried and true principals of design and blends them with the captivating qualities of animation, bringing your brand to life.