A million miles beyond "touching up".

Photo Retouching

Duggal Studios provides ongoing retouching for the world’s most iconic and influential brands that value clarity by every definition of the word and trust at every step of the process. Our retouchers are artists who understand technology, and technologists who understand art, collectively specializing in professional fashion and fine art retouching, product enhancement, photo restoration and more for clients so esteemed we can’t always mention them by name.


From CGI to Motion, compositing is the staple process of joining together visual elements from a variety of sources to forge a refined visual product otherwise unattainable with a solitary medium or asset. Pixel by pixel, frame by frame, we’ll foster your creative vision and facilitate a cohesive environment where illustrations exist with the photo-real and CGI elements move within your footage.

Video Editing

Great filmmaking is unmistakeable while great editing is undetectable, granting the viewer an immersive experience fully surrendered to the story. Drawing from intuition, tact, and a wealth of abstract thinking, Duggal Studios bridges the gap between your story and its audience.